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Our CFC # 11124

Small Grants Program

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The 2012 Innovative Small Grants have been awarded for the health and well-being of children to organizations in Tanzania, India, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, and Colombia. This year again we asked for proposals related to the prevention or treatment of enteric diseases.

Six were selected from 45 proposals submitted and reviewed by our grant committee of health experts. The reviewers look for projects which employ innovative methods to improve and save children's lives, and then award them up to $5,000 which, especially in developing countries, is a small fortune. We also awarded one Humanitarian Grant.

Keep in touch, for you will be reading the reports of these projects in future newsletters and seeing them on the world projects map.

We Need Sponsors for 4 More Projects
We are actively seeking sponsors for eight other projects that were reviewed and selected but are presently without funding. If you are interested in sponsoring a project, please contact us. Or if you are interested in investing in any of the ones listed here, we would be happy to hear from you and we would keep you updated about the progress.

2012 Innovative Small Grants Awards

  1. Vitendo, Tanzania, Making clay pots to protect water from contamination
  2. Chapra, West Bengal, India, (Previously funded in 2010) Improving the drinking water quality and personal hygiene in the community with education of an by the local leaders
    Action for Community Empowerment, Kenya, Constructing eco-san toilets and installing rain water harvesting tank with tap for hand washing
    Wema Self-help Group, Kenya, Promoting water treatment with Waterguard and safe-water storage accompanied by behavioral change
    Nyaya, Nepal, Evaluating an innovative. Low-cost approach to make culture-based enteric fever diagnosis available in settings without electricity or trained laboratory personnel.
  3. Women Protection Society, Uganda, Establishing ferro rain water harvesters in children's schools

2012 Humanitarian Small Grants Awards

Beginning in 2006, we decided to grant some funds for purely humanitarian purposes, that is, not innovative, but meeting the needs of hunger, illiteracy, and disease, especially in the time of natural disasters.

  1. Aguayuda Inc., Colombia, providing clean water to a boarding school by installing a windmill.

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